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why hasnt steal my girl leaked??? why hasnt FOUR leaked?? we should be leaking the 6th album by now. hackers step ur game up

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when girls wear ‘boy clothes’ shes seen as ‘cool’ or ‘hipster’

but as soon as a guy wears ‘girls clothes’ he gets called gay, or fag

if you dont think thats fucked up what is wrong with you?

because society thinks its degrading to be a woman


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Dean Koontz, “The City” (via littlewriters)

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One form of heroism is having the courage to live without bitterness when bitterness is justified, having the strength to persevere when perseverance seems unlikely to be rewarded, having the resolution to find profound meaning in life when it seems the most meaningless.


Trying on clothes is really hard when you hate yourself. Liking someone is really hard when you hate yourself. Eating is really hard when you hate yourself. Life is really hard when you hate yourself.

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frankie’s final speeches to the houseguests

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please be stoked for your friends when they’ve accomplished something that they worked really hard at even if it’s the most boring ass thing your eyeballs have ever witnessed please please please for their sake just pretend to be excited

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I want to be spoiled but I also feel extremely guilty when people use money on me

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When you use your ID at the club for the first time



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harry was GLOWING on stage last night thank u louis

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If only I was given a dollar for every time I made myself look stupid in front of a cute person

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@god why is larry so real

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